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Rumors are spreading around Almaty that the devil himself arrived in town, through recommendation prime ministers, ministers and crowned people from many countries are responding. He even brought a gift to Kazakhs, a pyramid that can make all their wishes come true. In order for us to make them reality, we need to know only one secret. The hidden secret of the creator of the pyramid we will gladly tell to the readers of “MK in Kazakhstan”.

Ruben Papian is considered a famous person in the world of esotericism. He is the head of the Institute of parapsychology in Serbia, and his achievement in alternative medicine are highly rated in USA and Europe. The Dutch queen Beatrix had personally invited him to her country to participate in a project of discovering talents of gifted children.

Papian deals with teaching, his students are spread over many countries of the world. Four months ago he founded educational center “Sfera” in Almaty. It’s popularly named “psychic school”, where people learn how to discover secret talents in them, learn the basics of telekinesis, predicting the future and search for missing people.

Then at the presentation of Ruben Papian center he promised to come back to Almaty so he could build a pyramid that makes your wises come true in the yard of the school. He kept his word and soon there was a miraculous invention, despite all predictions of skeptics. The doors to the pyramid were ready to open to all of those who are inpatient to see their dreams come true. But Ruben Papian warns: before people enter, they need to know some rules, or else there will be no results.

Let me explain it right away, so you wouldn’t call me a mage, wizard or extrasense afterwards. Limit yourself to my name and surname and not with some title or calling, because they mean nothing to me – said Ruben Papian at the beginning of our conversation.

My question will maybe sound a bit not tactical, but how do you feel about some Kazakhs calling you a devil?

That means it’s useless that in so many books the devil was described as ugly and hated. It turns out that he has a remarkable performance and looks very fit (laugh). But seriously now, your citizens didn’t come up with anything new. I am used to people attributing me devil’s or god’s gift all the time. “Here he is, he is a devil of some sort!” – I hear it all the time behind my back. Believe me, it’s high for me.

Would you maybe like to demonstrate your amazing abilities in popular TV show “Fight of psychics”?

No way. When that project was about to begin in the Netherlands, they addressed me as a consultant. At the beginning it was interesting, but I never thought about being a part of it myself. I don’t want to offend anyone, but at the same time that show wakes up nothing in me except irony. Don’t forget, it’s a show. And the demonstration of talents is suitable for clowns, and I can not put myself in that category. I am not on that level.

Earlier, when I discovered my gifts, I dealt with all sort of stupid things in order to find the limit of human possibilities. For example, I enlarged breasts of a popular European top model (I won’t tell you her name because of moral reasons). The girl dreamed of magnificent breasts and she was afraid of surgery. And I helped her. I have enlarged her breasts noticeably. The girl was delighted, her husband as well. She recommended me to her friends, but this procedure became boring to me very quickly. I am not a plastic surgeon.

Women – they are amazing creatures, you never know what to expect from them. Once a very successful business woman asked me to postpone her menstrual cycle. After a very long time her loved one was about to visit her, but he could stay only for three days. That’s why these “critical” days didn’t fit into her plans at all. It was an interesting case, because I had to work against the laws of nature. Believe me, it’s a lot easier to cure people that to make a slight change in woman’s nature.

Students of Kazakhstani psychics school have already passed to the second level. How do you evaluate them?

It’s not evaluation time yet. They are still learning how to write letters, and books are still very far away for them. But those letters are calligraphy work. I made no mistake when I chose Roza Azmanoska from Serbia as their mentor. She has found a mutual language with students from Sfera and under her exact management they solve tasks one by one.

Tell us something more about the pyramid of the wish you built.

The pyramid works in all diapasons of a man, it adjusts to every of us. Inside it there are no time and space as we know them. All around us on this world there are conflict energies and we have stopped noticing their negative effects long time ago.

Inside the pyramid everything happens differently because energies inside it are balanced, there is no negativity. Certain frequencies stimulate the immune system of a human to work properly and his thoughts begin to transform. You wish for something, and mysterious force starts searching for ways to make it happen.

And we are instantly happy?

First you must understand what your understanding of it is. The phrase “I want to be happy” confuses the pyramid right away. My machine expects precision. The person must make his wish perfectly clear. And I will tell you right away, you shouldn’t sit and repeat the same sentence like a parrot during each treatment (it usually lasts for 15 minutes). Believe me, the pyramid understands it at once. Give your hopes and dreams a running start, and then enjoy piece and silence. Don’t forget that the key to the doors of your happiness is you yourself.

Can the pyramid heal?

I can’t say that my machine is a device that cures 100% of illness. My pyramid has been successfully tested in Serbia and many people said that it cured their chronicle diseases. But I repeat, my pyramid is not a magic wand, you should wish correctly.

If, for example, a young girl enters your pyramid, sits on a chair and wishes from the depth of her heart to have a Brazilian behind, what would be her chances to get it?

You are never bored, are you? I never thought about it. It will probably come true for her. I would only advice her to express her wish in next form: “I want to have a Brazilian behind that I will get with hard work in my gym”. It’s not a secret that girls are trying to improve their figures and are training for days without effects. After a wish that was composed correctly, your behind and breasts can become like you imagined them. But, in each case my pyramid isn’t really projected for small things like that.

People who suffer from a curse or are caused damage by it instantly fall in love with your pyramid?

In real life, caused damage and curses are very rare. In order to cause serious damage to another human, one must be a strong personality with access to secret knowledge and must be resistant. People often talk about damage of not being married, but it is all nonsense that fortunetellers made up in order to get more money. If there really were a strong influence of dark forces on a person, that person most certainly wouldn’t get help from those “experts”. I came across a very interesting case once.

In the USA, during the shooting of a show about supernatural powers, I met a woman that lead me to believe that her life was in danger. She heard my worries, and then she started talking about her family. It turned out that her little son was physically threatening her, her daughter was an invalid and her other son was suffering from insomnia and was crying all night long. My gift helped me to find out that a few centuries ago in the family of this woman there was a witch who was burned at the stake during the Inquisition.

She left a terrible legacy to her descendants and three hundred years ago the children of my patient were born. The pain of the witch became the sickness of the girl, her anger appeared in one of the boys and the younger boy inherited the fear of a woman that was burned. I managed to release the boys from the “gift” of the witch, but I didn’t manage to get the girl out completely. The treatment should have started earlier. You see, that is damage, and banal failures at work, easier health problems and infidelity of your husband are easier to explain.

When do you plan on coming back to Kazakhstan?

I stopped planning things long a time ago, it all comes by itself. I only know that my current visit to Almaty is far from my last.

Many people are scared with rumors about the end of the world in 2012. Is the apocalypse coming?

No. You shouldn’t panic or pay attention to the cheap, popular, “authorized” foretelling. More difficult times are upon us, the climate will change, there will be many technological catastrophes, earthquakes, floods, but our planet will survive. Every change is the beginning of something new and I advice you to look at those changes positively and with a smile on your face.

Originally published:“ – Пирамида Папяна”, Kazakhstan, 2012 April

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