Article: Turn on your parallel consciousness
In this series of articles we will present the “SFERA” system by Ruben Papian and publish specific exercises for self-help.

Ruben Papian is the founder of center “SFERA” and self-help method by the same name developed further from the “mental correction and communication” method. It’s use is, first and foremost, dedicated to changing oneself, to adjust to the new age and new world.

"The goal is to be operative, optimized so that our systems are better at adjusting to changes, to prevent eventual fallout. So that, for example, something as banal as stress doesn’t carve up the whole system into pieces. “SFERA” as a system lifts and optimizes different layers of people. We are talking about physiological, emotional, psychical and mental plan".

In the next few issues we will try to bring Ruben’s method closer to our readers, explaining specific exercises which was so far available only to those who went on his courses and lectures.

The factory and its management

Exercises are adjusted to all and they shouldn’t take a lot of time during the day, unlike some other, traditional systems. To get to the topic of the first exercise, a series of questions must be asked. What forms people of today as people? In essence, their consciousness. When you subtract consciousness from a human being, what remains is a shell that can’t function in the material world on its own. What we are is nothing but consciousness that is constantly creating, analyzing, forming, forcing it’s own “want-don’t want” and reacting.

It’s a huge factory that has its own management, and above management there is CEO that thinks he or she knows everything. This CEO bases its decisions on an attempt to fulfill own wishes and desires that usually have nothing to do with the factory. When that CEO goes on a vacation or business trip, the machine works on its own. Exactly that is the process of dream – when the manager is absent.

The problem is that more often then not we think our consciousness, the manager, is personification of ourselves because consciousness represents us in the outside world. He who manages is far from perfect. He or she can’t see themselves – after all you can’t see yourself from the interior perspective. Still, every human being strives towards being better, no matter what is assumed under that. Better in any way, for example to respect oneself more today then yesterday.

Considering the entire world is changing, because the planet itself is changing, we need to adjust ourselves to these changes. Both the factory and the management. Conflict is in all of us, no matter if the consciousness is conscious about it.

Consciousness is like a river, it has its own streams and branches. Every river is specific. The geography of that river is specific. There is not a single river that is similar to another river – even though they might appear similar. River without water is not a river, same with consciousness. It is unique and specific to every human being. Consciousness of every human being is a river that has its own geography. You can call that the way of thinking, but it can also be a mental geography.

That geography carries information – the speed of that water we call smarts, wits etc. Then tension of the water surface we call intelligence. Depth and the way of movement could be called wisdom. In any case, mental processes are happening in this river, but the way of thinking is not changing. The only option is to change the geography of consciousness. This process is hard to accept by people because they are not ready for it.

The solution lies in Parallel Consciousness. Consciousness and sub-consciousness are not stacked like a Matryoshka doll where a layer of consciousness envelops sub-consciousness. Consciousness is not as primitive as the theories suggest. It can’t be turned on and off. It has levels. Aside from the CEO, you can also find assisting managers, the one organizing all the production and sales. These are also conscious processes.

And what is Parallel Consciousness? It is when we are trying to put the CEO to sleep that doesn’t always know what he or she is doing. Then lower branches of management can take full responsibility – like during sleep. However, during sleep people can’t detect that they are sleeping. Unlike that, when Parallel Consciousness is active, processes are exactly the same as during consciousness thinking, but no decisions are made consciously. This might sound strange – thinking without bringing any decisions.

Thinking without bringing decisions

When you ask yourself, say, do you love someone – conscious answer might be yes. But the end of the thinking process might be yes, no, maybe – where each answer is a way of positioning yourself. If we start a fire for it to burn for no reason, just keep it alive and flaming, it is very far removed from thinking of people where such thing is not familiar. It means our consciousness is formed in such a way that its task is to process data in shortest amount of time. Pay attention, not the path with utmost quality, the one that is shortest.

Imagine you getting on the bus. Whether you want or not, the system of fast analysis already knows where you should stand so as to not step on someone, or how to reach the door the quickest. The system didn’t analyze the most optimal but the quickest form. That is why the exercise was constructed to forget that we grew up and are guided by rules others taught us. Exercise is based on cheating consciousness to prevent it from dealing with things it shouldn’t deal with. In Parallel Consciousness processes are still conscious, not sub-conscious, but it is performing functions consciousness doesn’t understand. The most important thing is for you not to analyze anything.

Parallel Consciousness will find the most optimal way to change the geography of your consciousness – to expand river branches where they might be narrow or speed up the stream where it is necessary. Someone, for example, has a great car that is used for driving down the same path every day but the capabilities of that car are not used to their fullest. The driver is your consciousness. Parallel Consciousness is a specific driver that will be better at driving you, while you are actually sitting in the back enjoying yourself.

The most important thing is for you not to push the driver around – let him drive properly, with quality, using the right path and speed, to where it is necessary. Both you and your consciousness. It is never important to drive fast, but with adequate speed, in order for your car to stay in one piece. The quality of the mental process is not in the result, but in the process. The speed of acquiring result says nothing about the quality. Sometimes it is necessary to not get result just for the quality to work.

It would be adequate to do the exercise once a day.

Exercise Parallel Consciousness

• Sit on a chair, straighten your back and put your palms on your thighs • Breathe normally for one minute and feel the neutral state. Feel neutral in your skin • After that direct your attention to your eyes • Look with your closed eyes for 30 sec. but without any kind of thinking. You will see darkness. • Remember that state of looking • For the next 10 sec. move your head all the way to the left. Your sight doesn’t move, it remains on the right side. • Look 30 sec. with the sight that remained on the right side. The state of looking is the same as when you were looking in front of yourself. • Return your head to the starting position in the next 10 sec. When you straighten it you will feel a weird “click”. You will feel that you didn’t move anything physically. • Follow the state of looking for 30 sec. • For the next 10 sec. move your head all the way to the right. Your sight doesn’t move, it remains on your left. • Look for 30 sec. with the sight that remained on your left. The state of looking is the same as when you looked in front of yourself. • Return your head to the starting position in the next 10 sec. • Follow the state of looking for the next 30 sec. • Lower your head for 10 sec. and feel the tightening in your neck. Your eyes and sight do not move. You will have a feeling they are directed to your scalp. • Follow the events in your head for the next 30 sec. You will have a feeling that something is flowing out of your nape. • Straighten your head • Follow the state in your head for 15 sec. and open your eyes

Originally published:“Trece Oko magazine – Turn on your Parallel Consciousness”, 2015, December, Serbia

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