Article: You can learn to be a superman in Almaty
Shamans and witchdoctors existed in every society: they relieved pain, plead to gods for better weather and foresaw future. In ancient times they were worshiped, in medieval ages they were burned on the pyres. In our time we still have a special relationship with people who have special powers. It’s no secret that people that have extrasensory abilities work in special services of security in numerous countries. Extranseses help in discovering problems, finding people and hidden bombs.

Today, extrasensory science is more and more attempted to be studied by numerous students – some of which wish to fully follow the path of extrasensory abilities and are desperately trying to learn and absorb the necessary knowledge. In Almaty the gaining of special powers became a very real thing. At the end of the last year a new school opened in town, a school dedicated to extrasensory sciences.

“People are like that, they want to know, what is going to be…”, and that is where the author of famous soviet songs is completely correct. It is quite possible and probable that the human race was always attracted to the puzzles and riddles, especially toward the curtain that covers the future. Curiosity in people is insatiable, everyone would like to take a peek in the future for a moment, to know their destiny and adjust it if they can.

I would go to the fortuneteller, allow him to teach me…

Lately it is more common to hear or read about extrasensory sciences and that they can be learned – fast and with no effort. How true is this statement? Actually, people today are excited by questions connected to extrasensory abilities and such questions are many. Who are such extrasenses? Do they have these gifts from their birth or did they achieve them? How are extrasensory and general science connected, is there a link between them? Is it possible to be trained in the extrasensory arts, to learn them? Is there a method to rule over paranormal abilities? Very soon all these questions will have reliable answers.

In Almaty the first school for extrasensory sciences is opened in which, as its founder claims, people from Kazakhstan can discover their abilities and be taught the ways of healing numerous illnesses. In truth the first students will end their learning process in three years, after this point when, finally, we will see if extrasensory sciences can indeed be learned and passed from a mentor to students.

This unusual school in the southern part of the capital of Kazakhstan was founded by Ruben Papian – founder of the Institute for Esotery and Parapsychology in Belgrade. School for future extrasenses is found in a spacy building that belongs to the advanced part of the city. the opening of the school was attended by Ruben himself who, with great pleasure, talked about the characteristics of the school, shared some of his history with the matter as well as his experience in the field of paranormal.

“Every man received a gift just by being born, but do not have the knowledge to use it properly. I don’t call myself extrasens or healer, I simply help people to reveal their potential. A human can do anything, but for that he needs to achieve a spiritual freedom. For long stream of years I had no student that didn’t manage to achieve great results and ascend to a higher level”, Ruben said.

Who am I?

Main characteristic of the school that goes by the name “Sfera” is, as claimed by its founder, introducing the human to himself. “Every human has a lot of abilities that he doesn’t even doubt he has. He doesn’t know how to reveal them or use them. In essence a human doesn’t know who he really is”, says Ruben.

To know oneself adequately, and everything you are capable of doing, is quite possible in that one of a kind and unique school. During the studies it is completely  possible for you to become a fortune teller, healer, telepath,hypnotist… It all depends on the abilities each person has and if that person can dig them up from within. If trusting the promises, classes of extrasensory sciences are something like a one hundred percent chance to win lottery where the prize is unlocking of your special abilities.

Students that started attending classes from the first December have 10 levels to pass. On each level they are closer and closer to their essence. Levels themselves are comprised out of exercises and teachings in such combination that students very quickly starts to feel and experience something new. It’s a very unique method of Ruben Papian that is based on human energy. He dedicated 18 years to its creation.

Studying of extrasensory sciences is not free. One month of studying costs around 200 tenges. There is no age limit but they are not going to accept kids into this establishment. “You need to develop your extrasensory skills after you reach sixteen years of age – you need prior experience of life to even begin”, says Ruben. All levels in total last for three years and four months. Like with general schools there is always a time for studying and rest. “Breaks after each level is completed are necessary to allow students some time to relax and to, so to speak, strengthen the knowledge”, says Ruben.

Besides that, on the territory of the school during the same year a special “wonder” machine will be placed. The rather interesting construction is a true wondrous invention of Ruben that he simply called the Pyramid. It has  healing and recovering powers as well as the correction of energies of the human body. “Such large and powerful construction exists only in Holland but from now it will also exist in Almaty”, says Ruben.

Nothing for personal gain…

Unfortunately the profession of extrasens didn’t get a lot of fame but rather infamy. As I can notice, it’s not without good reasons. It is understandable to be curious and interested in a subject but the question that got asked is will this school become the source of frauds that trick people with hypnosis or by claiming they possess the knowledge and powers they don’t actually possess?

“A human starts to know himself better, to grow, spiritually. I don’t think that after you encounter your own forces that you will be interested in wasting energy and time on selfish goals. It’s very simple – when a human grows spiritually, he wants to continue growing. Even so, in the whole history of me dealing with extrasensory sciences, and that is 30 years, I haven’t met a fraud. I don’t teach some simple techniques, like common hypnosis. I teach people to meet and understand themselves”.

Originally published:“Zakon KZ – В Алматы можно выучиться на сверхчеловека”, Kazakhstan, 2012 January

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