Papian Art - Elder
POSTED ON 18th Jan 2018 08:57:34 IN ART
"...Wrinkled and worn skin. Crackling voice. Patina that holds the collection in place and time. Nostalgic. Wise. Full of values of old. Stay a while, and listen..."

Standing tall and watching over the others is the Elder sculpture. As the wisest and most experienced among them, it is the patina that holds the collection in place and time. The Elder is way past social masks - its entire skin, worn, wrinkled and freckled is on display; it hides nothing.

Crackling voice of this sculpture proves that it isn’t rose tinted glasses that wake up nostalgia for 1969; it is the values, spirit and principles of that era embedded at its core. It is a piece of history that Elder conveys with its sound; a lesson of life, how things used to be, how things changed, how the sixties ended. So stay a while, and listen…

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