Papian Art - Freedom
POSTED ON 18th Jan 2018 09:08:22 IN ART
"...Spiritual power without borders. Limitless possibilities. Men and women life for it, fight for it, die for it. Catalyst of real expressionism. True freedom..."

An abstract idea in the body of a musical instrument, Freedom is an inspiring sculpture that has the capacity to move entire nations. Men and women live for it, fight for it, die for it. Its shell is contemporary in appearance but wrapped in ideals of old. These ideals reached their peak in 1969 and it is exactly then that freedom climbed on a wooden stage and was imbued with spiritual power.

The strength of this sculpture zooms past “black & white” choices and opens a gateway to limitless possibilities without borders, not even planetary. Freedom’s inbred plethora of choices is not a weakness – it is a catalyst of real expressionism. Reading between the lines, vibrations and notes this instrument makes, one can find the answer to the old question: “What does it mean to be truly free?” all.

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