Papian Art - The Animals Collection
POSTED ON 2nd Oct 2017 12:58:11 IN ART, PHOTO
…”Animals. Free spirits. Children of Mother Nature. They do what they feel like doing, and they feel what is there to be felt. They have no limitations and are not held back by anything. It is all about instinct and intent. They will not bend to the will of another; it is others who need to respect their wild nature. That is the way the sound sculptures of this collection are behaving.”

Welcome to the Papian Ezo dimension of contemporary artistry and sound sculptures. Ezo dimension is a place where the space turns into a canvas and time is the brush. Such merger becomes an infinite creativity source where the artist transforms into a portal between the real world and the Ezo dimension; the outcome of which is artwork that is going to be showcased here. Sound sculptures may look like guitars but they are in many ways alive, their voices more than real and meta-physical at the same time.

Stay tuned as we showcase in greater detail each artwork, one each day.