Papian Art - Tiger
POSTED ON 10th Nov 2017 08:38:30 IN ART
“…Ego, huge ego! Half a ton of muscles pumped with self-confidence. I am the biggest feline of them all. And everything has to be under my control. I own it all, ground, forest, and water. My body needs calories, a lot of them. Be vary, I am coming!...”

The true underground style - emitting the aggressive sound, that’s what this guitar is about. A piece of the resting place of Bengal Tiger was merged with Ezofication for this guitar to reflect the character of this wild, fierce and deadly animal. Tiger occupies the top of the food chain – likewise this guitar is the apex predator in sound environment. It is not easy to own a Tiger, with its ego, strength and power. The only way to dominate this beast is to become The Tiger!

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